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Balance of Mind, Body and Soul

You are feeling exhausted, without motivation, stressed. A private yoga session is everything you need.

About the MAJOYO team

Priority, promptitude and positive attitude.

The analysis and solving of the problems is what we want to gain as strong point, after one single hour of yoga we obtain clarity, positivity and much humour to continue our day.

“MAJOYO is a concept created to live in society in peace and harmony.” Monica TCACIUC, CEO MAJOYO

Yoga Private Session

Let’s do yoga!

Purification of the CHAKRAS

The seven chakras represent different aspects in our life, purifying them energetically, our life changes.


Through meditation, you succeed in freeing your mind from your daily thoughts and problems, teaching you how to live in the now.


Asanas are different poses that you practise in yoga, and help unblock the negative energies in the body. 

Why to choose us


The great aspect of a private yoga session is that your instructor can adapt their services to your needs. If you need a higher flexibility of the hips, you can have an entire session focused only on hips. Or, in case you are highly stressed, you can work on respiration for 20 minutes. Or through meditation, yoga poses with therapy, the session is adapted to you and the mood you have.

   You pay to leave the room exactly what you need for that day. It is very different from your personal formation by the fact that you do not pay your private yoga instructor to push your limits. You pay them to help you access your inner power and balance through the yoga postures, but also through respiration, stress release and the relation with your superior self, which helps you balance the other aspects of your life.

Benefits of YOGA


By activating our chakras, we free ourselves from the negative energy that charges and consumes our energy.

Strengthening the muscles & flexibility

Poses or asanas in yoga help us control and we strengthen our muscles.

Free the stress

One hour of yoga, a day without stress.

Relaxation and revival

Through yoga, meditation, after freeing the stress, the body relaxes.

The beauty of the body

Through yoga, we can keep or regain our shining. 

Mind & soul

We are much more than this body; we are an energetic field, a soul. 


What people say!

“Monica forms authentic relations with each of her students. I feel rejuvenated every time I finish my yoga class and each visit makes me more emotional for the next one. I have become stronger in my practice because of her.”


“She  has a unique and strong ability to see the power of each student and motivate them to evolve.”


“ Beautiful and generous person, and a yoga instructor devoted to each student. A rare and inspired soul. We thank you, Monica, for what you are, for the practice you teach and that is vaster than a simple yoga class.”


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