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The extraordinary power of the subconscious mind

Theta Healing, a method of evolution and life improvements

Theta Healing

Your power is in your hands

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a technique of improving, modelling and healing the subconscious and awakening the native intuition. Through Theta Healing, we manage to get rid of our interior enemies: fear, self-disdain, prejudice, superstitions. Though Theta Healing, we become aware of the diseases we carry in our soul and we can heal of the illnesses that our body carries.

Offer for Theta Healing Consultancy package 2019

one to one Theta Healing private sessions

Offer for three Theta Healing private sessions (one consultancy of 45 minutes), initial price 900 AED, discount 100 AED.

800 AED

My personal experience with Theta Healing

Let me tell you how Theta Healing helped me. I went to the first session of Theta Healing randomly, out of pure curiosity. But it has changed my life! I went out of there with joy and high love to live. You should also try at least one session. I can tell you now the secret: harmony, balance between soul and mind!

Then, I joined the Theta Healing courses, have studied this technique thoroughly, not only in Romania, but also in Great Britain and even in Russia. I met Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing, and with her helped I managed to free myself from negative energy and evolve spiritually. I want to do for you what Vianna Stibal did for me – make peace with yourselves, teach you another lifestyle, one with complete inner freedom. That’s why I also joined the course of Theta Healing instructor and I am here, for you.

Theta Healing:

Theta Healing: How can it improve us? And what exactly?

Theta Healing focuses on the ones who are discontent with themselves and their life:

It helps unsure parents becomes the best example for their children.

It discovers common aims to the partners in eroded couples.

It shows the lonely people where they are wrong in finding their soul mate.

It directs the adolescents who are looking for their identity to a purpose in life.

It opens the horizon to new opportunities to the ones frustrated professionally.

It improves the life quality to those who long for spiritual evolution.

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