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My yoga story

   In 2015, after years of searching the balance between mind and body, I decided to go and study yoga in India (in the place where this lifestyle was created).

   Yoga attracted me at the beginning as a technique of modelling the body; I wanted to have a beautiful body, harmoniously developed, and at the same time healthy, so I decided to go to India, study the yoga exercises (called asanas) at their home. But there I discovered more than physical exercises – I discovered a harmonious lifestyle, the perfect path to combine the health of the body with the health of the mind and soul. The three components of my being – body, reasoning and heart – found through yoga the path to make peace with one another, and contribute together to my wellbeing.

My moral values


Benevolence to give the others what you learnt, if you can help the others in the most natural way.


The most important thing is to be honest with yourself first, and then with the others.


Respecting the principles and moral/ethical values of the others, but also mine.


Be sociable and treat well the others, based on the saying: Do as you would be done by.


“I only wanted to write you quickly a message and thank you for the yoga class yesterday morning. For the first time in many days, I was full of joy and gratitude. Thank you again for all the instructions!”
Diana M.

Yoga: Surya Namaskar – greet the sun!

 It is a gesture of gratitude toward the Sun, the force of life on our planet, and it consists in a set of 12 fixed cyclic movements (asana) that unify the body, breathing and mind, bringing them together.
When: Surya Namaskar must be done on an empty stomach, and as moment of the day, ideal are the morning hours, because this gesture prepares us for the whole day, refreshing our mind and revitalising the body. If we greet the Sun at noon, the benefit is to energize the body, and if we greet it at sunset, we will feel a state of pleasant relaxation. 
HOW: Greet the Sun can be formed by slow movements and then it helps warm the body and prepare it for the asana. If the movements are in a rapid rhythm, Surya Namaskar acts as a true cardiovascular training and it helps us lose weight.
WHY: Surya Namaskar unifies the body, respiration and mind, so it acts at the level of energy, relaxation and meditation. It is a chain of benefits: body becomes flexible, the blood circulation is improved, which reflects first of all on the hair – it grows faster, does not fall anymore, the process of turning grey is slowed down. The vital organs will function better and the wellbeing will be installed also at the level of the bone and digestive system, by balancing the three doshas of our body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

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