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If you don’t feel at ease, there are some tensions or if you want to free yourself from the negative energy. Contact us for a session of energetic purification and improvement of the state of mind.

Theta Healing


Theta Healing is a technique of healing the illnesses of the body by soul healing. It supposes faith in God and trust in a superior, creative and conscious energy. During the Theta Healing sessions, man connects to his Creator to correct in the subconscious those beliefs that act negatively on the conscious, making it ill and weak in certain aspects of life, causing him problems and shortcomings. Yes, there is a superior force that can heal all our soul and body wounds – we only have to believe and connect to it, through meditation.


Theta healing
Who for?
How long does it take?
How does it work?

Who for: During the private sessions of Theta Healing, I am waiting for those who want to heal their physical and soul suffering privately, while benefiting from the healer’s exclusive help. The private sessions address both to those who already know what they want to correct in their life, have identified the issue at subconscious level and know clearly the direction where they want to act, and also to those rather carried by curiosity – they do not realise what the source of the troubles is, but they are open to any trial to evolve spiritually and improve their life quality.
How long: A private session of Theta Healing lasts 60 minutes.
How: During the first private session, we will go through a “scanning,” a reading of the subconscious, in order to discover the source of the soul chaos that has consequences in the material life. Then we will work together on the change of feelings, thoughts and bad emotions, freeing ourselves from the negative energy.
Concretely: I invite you to private sessions of Theta Healing, all of you who:
Want to communicate without your guardian angels.
We are facing a crossroad in your life and you do not know what choice would be in your advantage.
You need the activation and balance of the chakras.
You are interested in talking to people who have experienced out of the body experiences.
You feel your soul incomplete.
You suffer from physical illness because of stress and negative emotions.

Theta Healing counselling via the phone

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You really want a change and you want to know how Theta Healing can help you.


Booking a session

Only after the payment in the account of the company is it possible to settle a session.

Theta Healing consultancy

The Theta Healing consultancy can be done via the phone, Skype, Viber, Facebook or Whatsapp. It is important to have a good internet connection.

Kinesiology Testing

The method of diagnostic: kinesiology testing!
Lack of self-confidence, not being able for social self-affirmation, incapacity to earn money according to ambition, impossibility to form a family, not finding your place in the world – for all these there is a sole culprit – the subconscious. It is not about bad luck, curses, charms, magic or native incapacity, but these are manifestations of the beliefs in our subconscious mind.
The kinesiology testing is applied to the subconscious and it is based on the reactions of the human body under the influence of some existential questions:
“- Do you deserve to be loved? Do you deserve to earn more money? Do you deserve to be happy?
– I do!”
Still, the body leans backward, and it is a sign that the subconscious thinks otherwise. Or it bend forward, which is a sign that indeed, you believe that you deserve all this.

How the Theta and Beta waves work

Between Theta and Beta waves

In the first seven years of life, the child it in Theta state, when they are open to the accumulation of information and experiences. All these form them afterward as an adult. It is possible for some of experiences or lessons taught to be harmful, to wound them or stir in them prejudices. For example, an adolescent girl who is abused in her first romantic relation will then expect abuses even in the next relations in a couple. A child who was abandoned in childhood will tremble all their life in fear of abandon from the dear ones. The subconscious governs the reactions, fears, uncertainty in adulthood, when we are in Beta state.
Through Theta Healing, we try to return to the Theta state, identifying and eliminating the traumatic experiences and making peace with the past. With Theta Healing, we reprogram the subconscious and awake our native intuition. The technique supposes meditation and faith in a Creator from whom we have received life and a purpose on earth. It does not matter what religion we belong to. Theta Healing is an instrument of communication with the Creator, of assuming a meaning in life and gratitude for all the beauty in the creation inside and around us.
With Theta Healing, we learn to forgive, because forgiveness frees first of all the one who forgives – it frees them from the negative energy; we find our inner balance; we make peace between rational thoughts and irrational feelings.
I am waiting for you to discover together the meaning of your life!
Attention! Theta Healing is an alternative or complementary technique, but it does not replace the treatment received from the doctors.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing modifies the subconscious beliefs.

What lies at the basis of your bad moods? Do you know it? These are love, financial, social, emotional failures. But the cause of all these failures is found in our subconscious, where negative energies, prejudices, wrong beliefs gather, and they turn against us. Well, that’s where we apply the Theta Healing technique, and where we search for the source of suffering. And there, in the subconscious, we work toward healing.

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