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How the energy at the workplace influences our motivation and harmony.

Do you live in Prague and would like to know how the Feng Shui consultancy takes place?

Feng Shui is, first of all, understanding the fact that the universal energy (Chi) influences your house and business. Chi is everywhere on this planet, but it can take different aspects: weak or strong, beneficial or negative, yin or yang…

The purpose of a consultancy by a Feng Shui expert is transforming the Chi in your office or the commercial space, and using it wisely to improve your income and social life.

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Feng Shui Office

Feng Shui Office

Toward which direction should I place my desk to have higher income?

There are many rules that allow you to create a favourable environment from the Feng Shui point of view at your commercial space, and I will explain them one by one. The main aspects are:

  1. Exterior aspect
  2. Main door/entrance of the clients
  3. Decoration/activating/remedy of space
  4. Location of the cash register
  5. Sinks, toilet, bathroom, kitchen
  6. Position of the desk according to the space energy

I often advise you to repair some things, but you can also redecorate with appropriate shadow tissues, especially in a rented place. Indeed, colours represent one of the main instruments in order to transform the Chi of the living place into an energy that supports your family.

I have transformed many commercial spaces and have always succeeded in converting them with Feng Shui means. Regardless of your personal situation, do not hesitate to contact me and we will study the option to transform your habitat.

Consultancy Offer 2021

Feng Shui consultancy for a commercial space up to 50 sq m

Offer for Feng Shui consultancy 2018, commercial space in Prague or  Paris  (+ transport fare).

300 €

Feng Shui for commercial space

The space dedicated to the clients, waiting room, restaurant, office is an important space in any business. The reason why the space where you interact with the client is so important is because it represents the main social space, both for the employees and the clients. Using Feng Shui in this space becomes a higher priority when the importance of this space is renown and when somebody remembers that Feng Shui can transform the flux of Qi (energy) from chaotic and rapid, or stagnant and old, into a calm and constant flux, both rejuvenating and cooling. We can improve the Feng Shui of this space in respect of location, aspect, furniture and general vibration.

Feng Shui office example

In Feng Shui, the office/cash register/and the other areas of fabrication determine the success of the company.

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