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Harmony for your Home

Bring harmony and prosperity in your home by using Feng Shui advice.


Bring harmony and prosperity in your home by using Feng Shui

Social Relations

By activating the current energies 8, 9, 1, we can improve our social relations. Make sure that this aspect of your life is not affected by any negative energy.


When it comes to Feng Shui, we think how to attract the ideal partner or love in our life.


The business and career opportunities are improved by a favourable environment. Feng Shui can help you develop your career and business.


Feng Shui – History

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese science about the role of energies in influencing each person’s life quality. Feng Shui means, in translation, wind and water, which are the basic elements of life, and it starts from the premise that every object and every human being emits energy. For a harmonious life, for financial and relation fulfilment, a person’s energies have to interact in a positive way with the energies of the objects in their life and work environment. An inappropriate interaction affects a person’s energy, which reflects on the way they think, act and relate to people. Feng Shui is just about how we can use the positive energies and how we can chase away the negative energies from the spaces where we spend most of our time. Practically: decorating work and home spaces according to the energy of each of us and the energies of the objects around us.

How do I know whetherFeng Shui is good for me?

In Feng Shui, each direction, such as north, south or north-east, has a number, an element of colour, an element and a shape associated with it. Each form has its own meaning. For example, the tall rectangular form of the wood is associated to growth. The form associated with the “Big Metal” or the north-west is round. This is also the shape of a coin – or “change” – and wealth.

Increase wealth

In Asia, Feng Shui is mainly used to attract wealth. Many businesses use it, and most magnates seek help in this field.

Finding a partner

Based on my experience and observations, love is the second most frequent benefit that people look for when they use Feng Shui. While men look mostly for prosperity and progress in career, I have noticed that most women look for love.

Developing the career and stability

Based on Bagua, the northern part of the house symbolizes the career. This area must be free from any negative Qi and must not be absent as surface and space. For example, a house with the northern part concave toward the interior means that the energy in the north is missing, thus being able to damage your career.


Improvement in the field of health

The appropriate Feng Shui can improve considerably your health. (It does not mean that you can neglect physical exercises, appropriate food or sleep.) Feng Shui for health is used mainly for ill or aged people.

Harmony in a relation or marriage

The harmony area (Yan Nien) determined by your Kua number governs the relations, including marriage. In order to stay in a relation, make sure that this area is not affected by any negative Feng Shui (or Xa).

Feng Shui- interior design

Many people consider Feng Shui to be a true style of interior design, because it deals with arranging furniture, what decorative objects we buy, the materials composing the private space. In reality, Feng Shui is a much more complex art, of playing with the energies around us, and you need a specialist’s help in order to find out what type of energies are found at your place or at work, and how they influence your life.

There are Feng Shui shops even in Romania, where you can buy specific, traditional decorations: the mandarin ducks, the elephant, the bell or fountain. But they remain exclusively decorative elements as long as they are not part of a Feng Shui expertise. I am available to discover together the energies at your private spaces, to help you fight the negative energies and stimulate the positive ones.

Feng Shui Consultancy

Face-to-face meeting

Meeting is very important. It is ideal to contact a Feng Shui expert before buying or renting a place (and before building a house).

In the second case, you already have a home, but you believe that you need the advice of a Feng Shui consultant. 


The necessary information for a Feng Shui evaluation

Before writing down a Feng Shui analysis, we need the plan of the house, the building date of the building.

Our Feng Shui expert will identify the façade of the building together with you, as well as its orientation.

The recommendations of the Feng Shui expert

The second meeting consists in applying the Feng Shui remedies. Remedies that you already have at home or traditional Feng Shui remedies.

During this Feng Shui valuation, I will explain you how the energies influence us, what energies are there and how we can stimulate the good ones and remedy the less favourable ones.

Feng Shui Testimonial

“I have recently moved to a new flat, decorated this flat after having read a few books on Feng Shui. After having lived for two months in this flat, I realised that something is not right about this space. I had broken up with my life partner and the surrounding energies were not exactly favourable. I decided to contact a Feng Shui consultant, who explained which areas of the house have favourable energies and how to activate them, and I used remedies for the unfavourable energies. As a bonus, I also received consultancy of Bazi astrology, which really helped me understand better my personality and the opportunities coming with it, as well as how to use them to my benefit. I recommend it from the heart. I got married in the same year.” 😉 Iulia

Feng Shui Consultancy Offer 2018

Feng Shui Consultancy for home up to 50 m2

Feng Shui Consultancy Offer 2021 In Prague or Paris 

300 €

Feng Shui Consultancy for commercial space up to 50 m2

Feng Shui Consultancy Offer 2021 In Prague or Paris 

500 €

Feng Shui
Free Consultancy

In Feng Shui, we learn to be generous, and all we want is to live in prosperity and harmony. If you represent institutions such as schools, kindergartens, either public or private, we offer our services free of cost. MAJOYO representatives are also interested in collaborating so that the future generations could be aware of the impact they have on the environment and the future of this planet.

The MAJOYO team want to live in a better world, more generous, and that’s why we have chosen the NGOs, foundations with humanitarian purposes, in order to offer them consultancy.

Thank you!

In the Feng Shui culture, children are the future generation. We show them our evolution as human species and we educate them to create a better future for them and ourselves, in a more conscientious way. Children are our mirror. They, in the first instance, imitate our behaviour. Let’s teach them how to live in a world full of compassion and love for everything that surrounds us.

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