Four pillars of destiny

Shape your future with Bazi!

Set a goal

Without taking action, any dream will remain at dream leve

Social life

In BaZi or Destiny Code, there is a section dedicated to social life.

Couple life

Life partner, husband or lover; find the favourable days, years or months to meet him.


Find out in which field or in what type of business it is recommended for you to work.


Four pillars of destiny

Find out who you really are!

And learn more about it!

Bazi (八字) is literally translated into English as “eight pillars” It is better known as “the four pillars of destiny.” It is said that Bazi is the map of your life destiny, with indications about the opportunities and challenges that can appear in your life.

What type of personality you have, your strengths and weaknesses
Social relations, family, friends
Social relationships, happiness is largely represented by harmonious relationship with friends and family.
Favourable periods for marriage, children or investments
Taking into account the favorable or less favorable times of each person’s life, we can determine the opportunities for marriage, children, investment.
Health and wellbeing
Depending  on the birthday chart, we identify where there is imbalance, and by using remedies we can bring a balance to the body.

BaZI or

Four pillars of Destiny 

In the Chinese belief, the quality of a person’s life is influenced mainly by earth and sky. Feng Shui deals with the effects of the Earth element, by managing the energies of space and the interior object, and the sky element is dealt with by the Chinese astrology, namely the exercise called “the four pillars of destiny.”

The four pillars of destiny are based on each person’s date of birth – year, month, day and hour – and, with their help, I can project a map of destiny, with accent on the good periods and the unfavourable periods, the compatibility with the people around you and the speculation of certain native qualities.

Of course, everybody’s destiny can be changed; it is not fixed and I cannot pretend to describe your life as an already written novel. With the help of the four pillars of destiny, I can help you though to find out in which periods of time you have the highest chances.

How does BaZI work?


Consultancy in BaZI/Four Pillars of Destiny, via phone/Skype, please pay via  PAY PAL or in the account of the company the amount of 300 AED.


Birthday chart analysis

A consultant will analyse the diagram of your date of birth, setting the compatibilities among the elements.

Telephone consultation

An hour dedicated to your questions.

1 Consultancy BaZI/ Four Pillars ofd Destiny

Find out the favourable periods (month, year or day), either to find a life partner or to advance in your career.

300 AED
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