Your beliefs shape the way you see life

If you want to be happy at this point in your life … everything that we perceive is largely due to your subconscious. With Theta Healing, you can change the way you perceive, and help yourself to get over the past obstacles of your life. Now is the time to take action to develop, discover and enjoy life.

Feng Shui for a harmonious home!

Feng Shui is a science that deals with studying the space in which you live, whether home or workplace. By applying Feng Shui rules, you can activate favorable energies (for career, love or social life).

Yoga peace of mind and body detox

Yoga is a lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular in Dubai, a practice that improves the quality of life. Simple exercises that activate the chakras and purify the body from negative energies.


Feng Shui Dubai

Feng Shui, dating back to more than 3,500 years ago, allows us to understand why and how a certain place has its impact on our life. This ancient art of life was initially reserved to the imperial family and only very recently has it become accessible to a large number of people.
Nowadays Feng Shui is available in Bucharest as well. We recommend you to address the services of our Feng Shui expect, with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Feng Shui for your Office

The Feng Shui philosophy is to help employees feel good when it comes to the office space, in order to develop harmonious relations with the others, and improve productivity. Implementing a Feng Shui decoration is a complex operation that takes into account different criteria, such as nature, form, colour of furniture, but also its positioning in the room and the orientation in space, and finally other elements equally important, such as cleaning, depositing, ventilation and a good oxygenation of the room.

Feng Shui for the bedroom

The position of the bed in a Feng Shui bedroom requires the analysis of several criteria, such as the position of the room on the house plan, Ming Gua of the people who sleep on the bed, the flying stars, etc. Also, the Qi circulation will be taken into account, so that it should be beneficial for your sleep. To do that, we focus on the position of the windows and door of the bedroom.


Theta Healing in Dubai

Theta Healing Therapy is a treatment method internationally renowned, created by Vianna Stibal in 1995. Theta Healing is a meditation technique and a spiritual philosophy – it is not specific to one single religion, but it accepts them all. It is a method of training for mind, body and spirit that allows you to clarify your limiting beliefs and live your life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in everything we do. Through meditation, Theta Healing Therapy creates a positive lifestyle. This technique uses the Theta and Gamma brain waves. Through thousands of clients, she discovered not only an amazing way to connect to the creating energy that moves inside everything, but also that this energy could change instantly the beliefs and feelings that are related to illness.

Personal development through Theta Healing

Theta Healing is an extremely useful way of personal development that empowers you for positive changes and helps you eliminate the mind barriers that are burdening your present moment.
In Theta Healing, through a series of techniques, you can reprogram your subconscious mind, your limiting beliefs and feelings that prevent you from feeling happiness, love, kindness, prosperity and abundance.
Call now for a session of Theta Healing and free yourself from the beliefs that prevent your personal development.

Theta Healing Therapy

We create our own reality. You are responsible for everything that has happened in your life and you have the power to change it. If you keep blaming the others, you will always feel blocked and without control. By assuming responsibility, you become empowered to create positive changes in your life and in the way you really want it to be. Why? Because our subconscious mind always works on the information we send out, and if this information is negative then our reality will be negative only. Your subconscious mind represents 90% of what you are.


Yoga Dubai

Classical Yoga follows the Hindu discipline, including Asana (physical exercise and poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation meant to bring one to peace and spiritual enlightenment. For the Hindu and Buddhists, the purpose of yoga is the union with Brahman (eternal or absolute) and Atman (your true self) – not so much about sculpting an enviable body. Yoga is not a religion, but many practitioners use it because it enriches their spiritual practice.
In the West, the modern yoga styles are considered, in general, as physical exercises in order to build flexibility and force.

Yoga – Lifestyle

Yoga is a journey of your own, where you decide what pieces of advice you want to apply and whether they suit you. There is no competition in yoga, or rather it should not be.

Yoga – Private Session

Introducing yoga in your schedule of regular training is beneficial from several points of view. It can help prevent injuries, relaxes the muscles and keeps you flexible. Moreover, the benefits of reducing stress and the high level of oxygen can offer you a general feeling of wellbeing. A personal trainer will have the time to show you how to enter and get out of each pose correctly. A good trainer of Hatha yoga will offer elements of yoga props that help you at the beginning, until your body gets used to the poses.


BAZI Four pillars of destiny

The BaZi diagram tells you about the life potential, as a map of your journey. Who you are, how you behave, your gifts, talents, strengths, weak points and personality can be discovered in full colours. The diagram allows us to also understand any possibility or hidden opportunity and, equally important, the obstacles and threats we are exposed to.

BAZI – Analysis on the Phone

Our sessions are confidential consultation focused not on dramatising the past, but on opportunities and solutions in a perspective way. The result is to expect each person to be empowered to take decisions of higher and better quality.

BAZI – Life Guide

BAZI or destiny code in Romania can help you, given that when we are armed with this information, you can take wise decisions for a better quality of life. It means that we can help you understand the options to be set, whether to stay in a relation or not stay at the same workplace, or change to something new or, probably, continue a certain new business in life.

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